Goals and Strategy

The Company’s objectives are focused on achieving technology leadership in the relevant market segments, and the aim is to ensure sustainable growth in business volumes and generate stable profit.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES develops innovative technologies for effective and resource-efficient production processes. Its strategy is based on leveraging and expanding its existing core competences. Areas of application include vacuum technology and surface deposition and engineering, as well as the associated chemical and physical processes.

Solar segment: clear growth strategy for the solar market
In 2015, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES continued to focus considerable resources on developing and launching new production technologies to manufacture new solar cell concepts for crystalline and thin-film solar technology.

The Company’s objective is to offer the necessary systems for all of the key steps in the process of manufacturing thin-film solar cells, and to generate the corresponding orders in 2016. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES offers these systems for both applications – CIGS and CdTe. The further development of the SILEX II etching and cleaning system in 2014 enabled the Company to achieve a leading position in the market for systems to produce high-efficiency crystalline solar cells, e.g., heterojunction solar cells, which it plans to expand on.

Optical Disc segment: Ultra HD Blu-ray – a niche market
SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES offers a new production technology for next-generation discs – Ultra HD Blu-ray with a storage capacity of up to 100 GB. The launch of the prerequisite new player and the Ultra HD Blu-ray disc is planned for 2016.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is using the tried-and-tested BLULINE II production machine as the basis for the new system, which will be named BLULINE III and is planned for launch in 2016. It is expected that the market for BLULINE III systems will only develop into a niche market. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is now primarily focusing its activities in this segment on the global replacement parts and service business for the several thousand machines already installed.

Semiconductors segment: high-tech production platforms
In the Semiconductor segment, we are working to provide research institutions and universities with equipment for the new MRAM (magnetoresistive random-access memory) semiconductor application, and are well positioned for the launch of this new memory technology in industrial applications. Development of the product portfolio has provisionally been completed. The Semiconductor segment is the Company’s smallest by business activity and financial key performance indicators. However, the Executive Board sees the competencies developed as offering long-term potential for future success.

Focus on new markets/developing new fields of activity
SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES’ core competence is vacuum thin-film deposition, wet-chemical processes, surface technology, and thermal process technologies. The Company is working to expand this expertise in the Solar, Semiconductor, and Optical segments, and to transfer it into further markets. This includes areas such as sustainable energy, entertainment, mobility, semiconductor technology and the refinement of a comprehensive range of consumer goods.


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