The innovative SINGULAR Tool is based on Static Inline Production, which combines the Advantages of Inline Substrate Transport and Static Processing.


Fully automized ICP-PECVD Production Platform

SINGULAR ICP-PECVD is a fully automated innovative and modular PECVD coating tool for R&D and pilot production of crystalline silicon solar cells. The SINGULAR system is being applied for the development of passivation layers for high-ef ciency solar cells following conventional and new cell concepts, e.g. heterojunction solar cells. Thereby, the coating system meets the demands for both current and future PV cell development.

The SINGULAR system provides an automation module and a coating module. The coating module consists of several customizable vacuum chambers.

The innovative SINGULAR tool is based on static inline production which combines the advantages of inline substrate transport and static processing. It allows the coating of complex layers, such as layer stacks of different materials e. g. AlOx/SiNy. The key feature of the tool is the ICP-PECVD technology.

The inductively coupled plasma (ICP) excitation allows ideal control of  lm properties for various materials such as SiNx, AlOx, SiOxNy at high deposition rates. The process variability and the small tool footprint make the SINGULAR system ideally suitable for the development and pilot production of crystalline silicon solar cells.




Therewith, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES makes a valuable contribution to continuous improvements with respect to ef ciency and manufacturing costs of PV modules, being a necessity to reduce the costs and enable the large-scale deployment of PV electricity.

  • Multi-chamber ICP-PECVD coating tool
  • Modular design for various processes (e. g. SiNx, SiOxNy, AlOx, a-Si ...)
  • Single- and multi-layer capability
  • Double-side coating capability
  • Small footprint
  • Integrated electrical and gas cabinets
  • Efficient use of raw materials like electrical power, process gases ...
  • Low noise level (no grey room necessary)
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to maintain
  • Inline cleaning processes available (e. g. for SiNx)
  • Customized tool con guration, e. g. usage of special gases e. g. TMB, phosphine, organic precursors like TMAl, DEZn, etc.
  • Integrated automation solution
  • All types of automation cassettes suitable

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