Inline Wet Process Equipment

For Cleaning & Final Cleaning, Alkaline & Acidic Texturing, Single Side Etching (Singulus Patent), Polish Etch & PSG Removal; Inline Cleaning and etching with Ozone.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES develops technologies for economical and resource-efficient production processes. The core competencies are wet-chemical processes as well as vacuum sputtering, evaporation, PECVD, surface technologies and thermal processing technologies. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES taps new work areas with these competencies and develops innovative solutions.  For all processes and applications SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES uses its know-how in the segments automation and process technologies as well as the integration of production steps and works on transferring these solutions to additional areas of application.

PV Technology Powers the World

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES provides technology solutions for both crystalline and thin-film high-performance solar cell platforms. Our production equipment improves efficiencies and reduces manufacturing costs.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is an established machine supplier with customers producing BSF, PERC, Heterojunction and CIGS/CdTe solar products. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES’ expertise includes vacuum thin-film coating (PECVD, sputtering, evaporation), surface engineering, wet-chemical processes and thermal processing.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES cooperates with cell manufacturers worldwide and develops processes, which improve the efficiency of solar cells and at the same time reduce production costs. Evolutionary improvement in cell concepts like PERC (PERL/PERT), bifacial PV systems as well as transitions towards n-type material, heterojunction cells or IBC cells will drive the future of crystalline solar cells. 

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES provides complete automated dry-in/dry-out solutions for wet treatment of Si-wafers in standard and high-efficiency cell lines and ultra-thin glass foils for sophisticated glass applications.

The ongoing evolution of proven concepts in process management and the integration of innovative approaches are the basis for the development of a new generation of horizontal wet processing systems.

LINEX is an inline wet process platform with horizontal substrate transport for cleaning and etching of crystalline solar wafers. The SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES LINEX system combines an advanced transportation system, sustainable and  innovative processing modules with proven and efficient chemical etching and cleaning processes.

In addition to proven processes like texture etching, PSG etching or cleaning, the focus is on newer applications with one or two side processes, such as polish etching, emitter etching, and ozone-based or ultra-, mega sonic cleaning respectively. The highly integrated design, high throughput, high availability, and low breakage rate make LINEX attractive for solar cell manufacturers worldwide. 

Main Characteristics LINEX 

  • Inline from R&D tool to the fully integrated 10-lane facility
  • Alkaline process up to 95 °C possible in 5 or 10 lane machine
  • Polish etch and SSE up to 10 micron
  • Integration of ozone in every inline process
  • Uniform media flow on wafer surface
  • Consistent flow conditions from lane to lane
  • Easy integration of new or additional process options
  • High uptime up to 99 %
  • High throughput and best performance
  • Low CoO
  • Low breakage rate down to 0.01 %
  • Best Footprint

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