Modular, automated Wet Processing System for Batch Cleaning and Etching in Standard and High Efficiency Cell Technology (PERC, HJT, IBC)

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES provides complete automated dry-in/dry-out solutions for wet-chemical treatment of Si-wafers in standard and high-efficiency cell lines.

The modular SILEX II batch system offers a wide range of process options. With respect to highest flexibility in configuration, the new generation of the SILEX II machines is characterized by a clear modular design and compact footprint. The SILEX II machine concept fulfills current and future requirements of capacity, flexibility, and stability for mass production. The basic SILEX II system achieves an output of up to 3,000 wph, upscaling of batch size will cover tool capacity up to 6,000 wph, running with very low scrap rates down to 0.01 % and high process yield.

Processing wafers with thickness down to 120 μm, the system follows the newest SEMI roadmap guidelines. The core of the current and future batch process applications is the alkaline texturing process of mono-crystalline silicon, generating pyramidal-etched surfaces with optimal light trapping, passivation and contacting properties.

Typical Performance Characteristics

  • High throughput performance up to 5,600 wph (Quad-system)
  • High uptime up to 95 %
  • Low breakage rate down to 0.01 %
  • Wafer thickness down to 120 µm
  • Individual process sequencing by flexible machine software
  • Ozone-enhanced cleaning and etching processes
  • Short and stable IPA-free texturing process (typical 12 min, possible 9 min)
  • Selectable pyramid size range classification


  • Process integration etching and cleaning (BKM SINGULUS)
  • Ozone injection equipment
  • Low surface process carrier 
  • adapted to tool and application
  • metal-free
  • PP, PVDF, PEEK materials
  • Chemical supply systems
  • Waste water lifting stations
  • Chemical bath monitoring 

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