DECOLINE II - 3D Vacuum Coating

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3D Coating - for both Decorative and Functional Applications

Whether in the cosmetics sector or the automotive sector – metallic quality surfaces are needed more than ever for 3D coatings in the decorative sector. However, the coating of sensitive hardware is usually an expensive step. A new, fully automated 3D coating inline system is able to operate directly from the big pack to the finished product, saving time-consuming manual work. This is especially true for high-end cosmetic products as processes in bulk are not always possible, nor desirable from a surface protection standpoint.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES offers the second generation of inline coating solutions for fully automated handling and coating of 3D parts. From loading to packaging, the process is fully automated and not one manual step is necessary – at a cycle time of only 0.4 seconds per component. This manufacturing solution is interesting for applying decorative coatings as well as functional coatings automotive, consumer goods, sanitary, mobile phones and packaging used in the cosmetics or beverage industry.

Surface metallization technology from SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES!