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Wet Chemical: Batch Systems as well as Customized Solutions

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES presents with its MEDLINE platform a modular system for wet chemical applications for cleaning and deposition. Eye lenses and dental implants are only two samples for the application of the MEDLINE.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES presents with the MEDLINE platform, a modular system for wet chemical applications, adaptable for different process applications. Eye lenses, dental implants or pacemaker parts are only several examples

for the applications. The product range portfolio starts from manually loaded wet chemical tools for research and development applications, up to fully automated platforms for high volume mass production in demanding technologies.

“MEDLINE” Overview

→ Modular process configuration

→ Processing of substrates by carrier or magazines

→ Carrier processing includes fully automated load/unload function (to carrier) and carrier return system, with clean and drying function

→ Agitation support for optimum substrate processing and surface treatment results

→ Minimized chemical drag-over

→ Integrated sanitization/disinfection systems

→ Solvent based systems with integrated fire suppression

→ GMP conform

The MEDLINE wet chemical system family offers high flexibility and customized solutions. The systems are available as a batch version, with the implementation of customer requirements to the standard platform.

The modular design provides flexibility for both manual and fully automated operation. The systems can be easily integrated in every production process. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES pursues the integrative validation strategy and supports customers in the validation of machine technology. The corresponding quality management system has been adopted at SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES. This serves to guarantee product quality and meet the binding market requirements of health agencies, in particular the rules of GMP or other regulations.

GMP Compliance Management

→ Dedicated team and business processes for projects in medical technology / regulated industry

→ Regular training, education and professional development for employees (e.g., GMP, GDP, Hygienics, GAMP 5)

→ Trained subsidiaries in Asia, United States and Europe

→ Supplier management /audits

→ GMP confirm documentation, certificate handling and validation support


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