Battery / Hydrogen

PVD and PECVD production systems from SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES for Battery / Hydrogen Applications

The demand for energy storage systems based on lithium-ion battery technology is rapidly growing.

PVD and PECVD production systems from SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES offer for battery cells different thin-film layer deposition solutions.

In hydrogen technology, fuel cells are an important element for cost-effective production.

For use in such fuel cells, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is working, among other things, on the development and optimization of the coating of metallic bipolar plates with suitable nitridic and carbidic protective layers in order to be able to offer a high-quality and cost-efficient manufacturing process for bipolar plates for use in fuel cells and PEM electrolyzers in the near future.

Different coating systems can be deposited with the modular GENERIS PVD inline coating system. With its flexible substrate carrier system, the GENERIS PVD offers the possibility of coating bipolar plates in all common sizes.

 Bipolar Plates

 Battery Technology