Research, Development, and Engineering

In the Solar division SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES continues to work together with its customers on the process optimization for the manufacturing of CIGS thin-film modules in order to meet the further increasing requirements within the solar industry with respect to productivity and lower operating expenses at the same time. In the area of crystalline high-performance cells the GENERIS PVD for processing steps in the manufacturing of HJT solar cells was introduced to the market and supplied to a large Asian solar cell producer. The existing inline processing machine LINEX was materially improved to achieve a higher level of efficiency. A prototype was already supplied to a leading solar cell manufacturer.

In the Life Science division the company works on a new wet-chemical machine concept of the MEDLINE type for the manufacturing of contact lenses for the work area Medical Technology as well as on new wet-chemical processes and production machines, which are used in the area of the production of displays.

The capitalization ratio in the business year 2019 amounted to 37.0 % (previous year: 26.9 %). The scheduled depreciation on capitalized development expenses amounted to € 1.4 million (previous year: € 1.0 million). The non-capitalized development expenses in the Group amounted to € 8.5 million in 2019 (previous year: € 9.8 million).

In the business year 2019, on average there were 90 full-time employees at SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES employed in the divisions Research, Development and Construction (previous year: 82 employees).


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