Supervisory Board

Chairman of the Supervisory Board:
Dr.-Ing. Wolfhard Leichnitz
Essen, Germany
Citizenship: german

Deputy Chairperson of the Supervisory Board:
Dr. rer. pol. Silke Landwehrmann
Diplom - Kauffrau
Dusseldorf, Germany
Citizenship: german

Member of the Supervisory Board:
Dr. rer. nat. Rolf Blessing
Trendelburg, Germany
Citizenship: german

Advisory and Monitoring of Executive Board by the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board dealt with the course of business of the SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG in the business year 2019 during all of its meetings. The Executive Board regularly reported to the Supervisory Board about the key figures concerning the order intake, sales and earnings trends. The underlying trends were also discussed. The Executive Board informed the Supervisory Board through monthly reports on the current course of business in all segments, including the trends in the market environments and detailed the order intake and backlog as well as other key financial indicators. The development of the business relationships with the two large customers CNBM and Hanergy and the order situation in particular in view of the large projects in the work area thin-film solar technology was regularly presented to the Supervisory Board and discussed between the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board. The course of business in the year 2019 was compared with the company’s forecasts for the business year 2019. All deviations were documented and the required measures for potential adjustments were discussed with the Executive Board. The new breakdown of the segments as well as the increasing importance and the expansion of the new work areas Medical Technology and Decorative Coatings were presented by the Executive Board and discussed with the Supervisory Board. Additional written and oral reports of the Executive Board, by other employees, the auditors as well as by external consultants supplemented the ongoing reporting.

The development of the shareholders’ equity of the SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES Group (IFRS), the development of the shareholders’ equity of the SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES Aktiengesellschaft (HGB) as well as the liquidity situation within the Group were regularly and extensively monitored y the Supervisory Board and discussed with the Executive Board. In particular during the second half of the past business year an extensive monitoring of the liquidity and the planned receipts of payments and order intake was monitored. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board regularly discussed the situation of the company and its future development in individual talks with the Executive Board. At all times, the other members of the Supervisory Board were informed about these meetings thereafter.

The development of the shareholders’ equity pursuant to HGB was discussed separately, in particular with respect to the obligation to convene an extraordinary shareholders meeting. Since informing the shareholders in the course of the extraordinary shareholders meeting on November 2017 about the first-time loss of more than half of the nominal capital, this fact has remained unchanged. Due to the different realization of sales pursuant to HGB and IFRS, time and again there are temporary losses pursuant to HGB, which however will be compensated with the completion of the respective projects by means of a complete realization of sales.

The further development of strategic positioning of the company was agreed between the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board and its implementation discussed at regular intervals.  The required capital expenditure plans were analyzed and decided within the scope of the resolved strategy. The Supervisory Board has assured itself of the legitimacy, expediency and compliance of the presented business events under the particular consideration of the economic situation of the company.

Business activities that had to be approved or were required to be discussed by the Supervisory Board due to company interests were discussed and reviewed by the Supervisory Board. These included new projects concerning the extension of the current range of products and services offered. The Supervisory Board was directly involved in all decisions, which were significant for the company's course of business. 

The Executive Board provided the Supervisory Board with the interim reports as well as the halfyear report for the business year 2019 in a timely manner ahead of the publication. The reports were presented by the Executive Board and important key figures and statements explained in detail. In particular, the Supervisory Board had the profit-and-loss statements, the liquidity situation and the trend in shareholders' equity as well as other selected balance sheet positions explained in detail. The recommendations of the Supervisory Board with regards to individual interim reports as well as to the half-year report were implemented by the Executive Board.

Further documents:

Bylaws of the Supervisory Board (as amended on December 11, 2019)

Appendix 1 to the Bylaws of the Supervisory Board


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