Informations about the new bond, 22nd of July 2016

Exchange identifier  WKN A2AA5H/ISIN DE000A2AA5H5
Total nominal valueEUR 12,000,000.00
Issue date/Interest fromJuly 22, 2016
Face value120,000 bearer notes with a nominal value of € 100.00 each
CouponSubject to early repayment, from interest period (including) until July 22, 2017 (excluding) with an interest rate of 3.00 % annually;
  • thereafter until July 22, 2018 (excluding) with an interest rate of 6.00 % annually;
  • thereafter until July 22, 2019 (excluding) with an interest rate of 7.00 % annually;
  • thereafter until July 22, 2020 (excluding) with an interest rate of 8.00 % annually;
  • thereafter until maturity (excluding) with an interest rate of 10.00 % annually;
The interest payments will be made semi-annually retroactively on January 22 and July 22 each year, while the first interest payment will be made on January 22, 2017 and the final interest payment on the maturity date of the note.
MaturitySubject to early repayment, the notes will be redeemed on July 22, 2021.
TerminationThe issuer is entitled to terminate all outstanding notes entirely, but not partially, at any time with a notice period of at least 60 days and to redeem the notes in case of a redemption within twelve months of the interest period at € 103.00 per note and at any time thereafter at the early redemption price in the amount of € 100.00 per note, plus the accrued interest. Such a notice of termination is irrevocable.

The terms of the bonds provide for additional termination options of the notes.

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