Helpful Answers

Please send back the broken parts only with complete und correct filled documents to SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES.

  • Use only the actual failure report and the actual decontamination sheet
  • Put the filled out documents always outside of each box. So our incoming goods department is able to remove the documents without opening the packaging.
  • Please enclose a complete filled failure report with every broken part. The area under point 3 needs to be filled in any case.

If the person in charge marks “the part is/was contaminated” it is absolutely essential to add a correct filled decontamination sheet outside the box as well. Only if it is sure that the part is “free of any contamination” you can check this box on the failure report and do not have to add the decontamination sheet in addition.

Please note: If we will not get the needed documents as mentioned above we will invoice a fee of 50,00 EUR per box. If we don´t get the documents after demand we have to decontaminate the part at an external company and this costs will be invoiced to the customer as well.

Please follow this procedure to protect the health of our employees and to avoid additional expenses.


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