Inline Production System for Sustainable Green Coating of 3D Parts

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES offers the second generation of inline coating solutions (inline PVD sputtering) for fully automated handling and coating of 3-dimensional parts. From loading to packaging, the process is fully automated and not one manual step is necessary – at a cycle time of only 0.4 seconds per component.


Wide range of different materials like plastics, metal, glass and ceramics can be refined with the PVD sputtering system with different materials e.g., Al, CuAl, Cr, Ag, Ti and stainless steel.

  • Decorative parts
  • Decorative metalizing
  • Cosmetics
  • Automotive coatings
  • Bottle cap sputtering
  • Gold metalizing
  • Metalizing of plastic parts
  • Metalizing of glass parts
  • EMV Shielding


  Decorative Coatings - Benefits

                                                 Sustainable Coating
               ... for Cosmetics
Decorative Coatings - for Cosmetics
              ... for Automotive
Decorative Coatings - for Automotive
              ... for Medical
Decorative Coatings - for Medical

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