Mastering Formats

 Standardized pre-recorded CD and DVD formats. All CD at 10x real time and DVD at 4 reference recording speed.

Media Input System

Supported Media: Gigabit networking environment, (S)DLT tape drive, DVD-(R) input drive, CD-(R) input drive


Copy protection: CSS encoding
Several copy protection schemes available
Networking: Mastering Super Highway networking connection, Cytris downloading system, with two input drive of each (S)DLT tape/ DVD-ROM and storage capacity

Laser Beam Recorder

Type of Laser: Directly modulated solid state laser diode (405 nm)
Expected Lifetime: > 9000 hours
Increase of Output: Base system can be equipped with 2 LBR systems to increase output

General Details

Width: 1750 mm
Length: 1750 mm
Height: 2200 mm
Footprint: 3 m²
Weight: 600 kg
Room Conditions: Temperature 18 – 24 °C Humidity 40 – 70 % RH

Utilities Requirements

Electrical Supply: 100 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 2 kW maximum
DI Water: < 3 l / h
Argon Gas: < 0,2 l / h

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