SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES - Innovations for New Technologies in the Energy Sector

Solar power is at the forefront of becoming a major cornerstone of supplying the world’s future energy needs, as nation states seek less reliance on fossil fuels and expansion of renewable energy sources. Global demand for energy is set to double by 2050, rising to around 48,800 TW/h, encompassing the annual electricity generation for whole countries and the world energy consumption.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is positioned perfectly to serve future needs of the Solar Photovoltaics market, as a market leader for supplying CIGS Solar Modules at all key production steps. Also at the forefront of developing crystalline cell technologies like high-efficiency cells including heterojunction and PERC. The wet-chemical etching and cleaning machines are established as leading products in this segment. SINGULUS is using this position to launch new vacuum deposition machines like PVD & PECVD.


Advanced Process Technology


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