The Platform for the Blu-ray Production of High Quality Blu-ray Discs

The success of 3D in the cinemas is encouraging, the Hollywood Studios are increasing the production of 3D movies, broadcasters are launching 3D channels, the consumer electronics industry is readying a whole range of 3D TVs and Blu-ray players. SINGULUS is supporting all that with the right replication equipment for the 3D Blu-ray Discs!

Hollywood Studios want to take advantage of the enormous storage capacity of a BD50 disc in order to deliver an unprecedented video and audio experience in Hi-def quality to the home consumer. For this reason, the availability of 50 GB Dual Layer Blu-ray Discs is a clear must for these formats.

The BLULINE system platform is ready for the coming 100 GB Blu-rays for the ultra high definition TV (4K).

SINGULUS' experience in the field of Blu-ray Production goes back to its early, exclusive partnership with the format developer Sony in 2005. SINGULUS has already a large number of production lines at over 30 replicators around the globe.

The SINGULUS Blu-ray Production system BLULINE II is designed for the economical production of Blu-ray Discs (BD ROM Single Layer and Dual Layer (BD ROM SL/DL), according to the specifications issued by the BDA.

All production steps in Blu-ray Production from molding, cooling, metallizing, wet-embossing, lacquering and UV-curing to quality inspection are incorporated in the BLULINE II. Its functionality, speed and design will again set a new benchmark for the industry. The BLULINE II operates with one molding machine and comprises all the advanced features required for production of high end Dual Layer Blu-ray Discs.

The most common technology for creating an additional information layer on a substrate surface is the wet-embossing process. The benefit of the wet-embossing process is that it provides a very fine pit geometry and therefore generates a flawless electrical signal.

The dual layer process requires an excellent uniformity of the space layer between the two information layers (approx. 25±1 micron). This space layer is created by our field proven spin coating process and uses resin heating and curing to achieve the required uniformity. Finally the BD50 disc requires a precise 75 micron cover layer.


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