Wafer Block Pre-Clean & Deglue System

Virtually all silicon based wafers are cut by wire saw technology. The SINGULUS Pre-clean & Deglue system processes the wafers after being cut. This includes removal of slurry as well as degluing the wafers from their carrier beam.

The GERULUS system can be configured in a wide range to adapt all kinds of slurry and glue types. To guarantee lowest possible water and surfactant consumption, the system can be equipped with a water & SiC recycling system.

Main Features

  • Patented wafer block cleaning
  • Proven, highly integrated design
  • High throughput up to 7,200 wph
  • Built for non-stop utilization: 24/7, 360 days/year
  • High availability (uptime ≥ 95 %)
  • Sophisticated pre-cleaning concept for best process results and minimal process times
  • Compliance with international safety regulations



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