with High End Rapid Thermal Processing for an Optimized CIGS Absorber Formation

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The CISARIS oven is an inline rapid thermal processing equipment designed for the CIGSSe absorber formation on large area glass substrates. CISARIS consists of a handling station, a vacuum tight process section, and a return conveyor and is optimized for the mass production of CIGS solar modules.

The main features of the CISARIS include a high uptime and mechanical yield, as well as a fast cycle time which, in combination with the robust selenisation process, leads to a production capacity of over 30 MWp per year (depending on configuration).

CISARIS is a proven innovative and reliable production tool, which has been newly developed at SINGULUS based on the previous generation of selenisation ovens.

CISARIS can safely handle the thermal processing of large glass substrates of over 1 sqm at temperatures up to 600 °C and beyond under a toxic and corrosive gas atmosphere. High heating and cooling rates, combined with an excellent temperature homogeneity during all process stages are the key factors, which allow the formation of an optimal CIGSSe absorber, required for the production of high efficiency thin-film solar modules.

Main Features

  • Third generation inline selenisation furnace with optimized cycle time
  • Rapid heating (up to ~ 4 °C/s) of large glass substrates with metal precursor coating (CIGSe)
  • Homogeneous gas distribution and low gas consumption through optimized inlet system
  • Introduction of H2S and H2Se gas at various stages of the process possible
  • Uniform heating of large substrates up to 600 °C and beyond by using optimized IR radiators for achieving the required crystal structure
  • Uniform cooling of substrates to avoid glass warpage
  • Excellent temperature control (mean variation < 5 °C) at all process stages
  • Process under vacuum or at atmospheric pressure possible
  • Oxygen and water vapor free process atmosphere guaranteed through pump/purge cycles
  • Excellent maintenance concept with maximum accessibility of all machine components
  • Proven safety system based on a solid risk management and safety engineering

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