Universal Sputtering System

The ROTARIS ultra-high vacuum system is a modular platform for fast, precise and fully automated thin-film sputter deposition. The ROTARIS is a bridge system for 200 mm and 300 mm wafer processing. Its main deposition chamber RSM (Rotating-Substrate-Module) can house up to 12 physical vapor deposition (PVD) cathodes with a target diameter of 100 mm.

The ROTARIS design provides in particular a rotating substrate deposition technology with the additional capability to tilt the substrate. Additional features are “Co-sputtering” with up to four cathodes, DC-, pulsed DC-, RF-sputtering, wafer heating, and an in-situ aligning magnetic field. The installation of an ion source as alternative equipment allows for surface treatment and smoothing, ion milling and side wall cleaning.

Four additional different process modules are available to configure a ROTARIS system according to customer needs to cover their challenging applications. These modules include industry proven modules like the Oxidation-Process-Module (OPM), Pre-Clean-Module (PCM), Combi-Process-Module (CPM) and Static-PVD-Module (sPVD-M).


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