DVD Replication Machine SPACELINE II

With a market share of more than 65 %, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is offering its latest version of the DVD Replication Machine SPACELINE II: this system is capable of producing all Single and Dual Layer DVD (9, 5, 10) formats.

Based on the experience of 1400 systems in the market, the DVD Replication Machine SPACELINE II offers a process cycle time faster than 2.3 sec.

The DVD Production Machine SPACELINE II achieves the most cost-efficient disc production and highest product quality and yield available in the market, making it the new industry benchmark for DVD.

The SPACELINE II is delivered with two MOLDPRO/2 molding machines.

With the MOLDPRO/2 all-electric molding machine the DVD Production Machine SPACELINE II provides the smallest footprint worldwide. Other qualified molding machines may be integrated on request 

The DVD Production Machine SPACELINE II, with many patented original parts (SMART CATHODE®, TMD, Spin Cooler, etc.), ensures a high daily production rate for DVD.

With its worldwide sales and service network, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is able to provide exceptional support together with technological synergies to benefit our customers.


  • Dedicated to produce DVD 5, DVD 9 and DVD 10
  • Production cycle times
    - 2.30 seconds for DVD 5 and DVD 9
    - 2.50 seconds for DVD 10
  • Confirms to either CE or UL industrial standards
  • Modular, highly integrated design incl. all
    production steps from molding, spin-cooling, metallizing, bonding, UV curing to quality inspection
  • Minimum space required
  • Transmission Measurement Device (TMD)
    for closed loop control of both metallized
    disc halves
  • High productivity and high uptime
  • Clear structured disc flow, avoiding mismatch between discs halves
  • Automated handling of DVD through all production steps
  • Excellent maintenance and service accessibility
  • Highly reliable
  • DVD handling by mechanical 3-finger grippers via center hole of disc
  • Transportable to the production site with fork lift truck

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