SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES focusing on the Medical Technology Market

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SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES built machinery for Medical Technology, Semiconductor, Solar, Consumer Products and Optical Disc areas for 20 years, and has satisfied the high-quality requirements of the industry.

The medical industry, now often referred to by the umbrella term life science, is one of the most important growth markets of the future. The company gears its processes to the sophisticated characteristics and functionality expected in medical technology and therefore to the quality of the products and the production and processing methods required. This involves adopting the GMP principles as well as the GAMP guidelines that apply in regulated industries for the validation of computer-based systems. The corresponding quality management system has been installed at SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES. This serves to guarantee product quality and to meet the binding market requirements of health agencies, in particular the rules of the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) (FDA / 21 CFR).

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is a globally active company certified to DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 50001:2011.

Wet Processing Systems

Batch & Inline Systems as well as Customized Solutions
GMP & FDA Compliance

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES delivers wet chemical equipment for different applications and industry segments. The spectrum ranges from manually loaded wet chemical tools for cleaning applications to fully automated platforms for cleaning, conditioning, coating or etching for high volume mass production in demanding technologies e.g. for contact lenses, dental implants as well as metal cases for pacemakers.

Typical Examples for Wet Chemical Applications:

  • Washing and pre-cleaning
  • Cleaning
  • Ultra- or megasonic cleaning > Surface conditioning
  • Etching
  • Surface modification
  • Coating
  • Electrochemical etching

The approved SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES wet bench equipment is available for applications for a wide range of different materials. Flat substrates in large dimensions can be processed but also small three-dimensional and thin parts are typical for high volume production equipment as well as customized tools for special applications.




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