IPA-free Alkaline Texturing State-of-the-art Surface Etching for Monocrystalline Si-Wafers

Advanced Texturing
MetaTEX is a new texturing additive, opens the door for a robust new IPA-free texturing process, offering substantial cost advantages compared to traditional etching systems, completely refrains from using flammable, volatile solvents and enables a stable, wet-chemical texturing process for silicon wafers.

With the application of this alkaline texturing process the etching solution lifetime is tripled for the modified SILEX etching system from SINGULUS STANGL SOLAR in combination with

  • Shortening of the etching duration at the same time
  • Simplified chemical disposal
  • Wide process window


Benefits and Features

  • Environmental-friendly
  • IPA-free composition
  • No solvent evaporation/emission
  • Safe and easy handling of chemical, process and waste water
  • Wide process window
  • No analytical bath control required
  • Improved etch and reflectance process stability
  • Excellent bath lifetime
  • Reduced process time
  • Small,uniformandadjustablepyramidesize
  • Perfect surface compatibility with subsequent passivation and deposition processes
  • Compatible with “as-cut” and etched wafers



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