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Contract from Fraunhofer ISE for a SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES Vacuum Sputtering System
November 09, 2020

Kahl am Main, 09 November 2020 – SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES has been awarded a contract by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy System ISE to supply a sputtering system of the type VISTARIS 600 for the “Center for High Efficiency Solar Cells” (CHS) that is currently coming on stream in Freiburg, Germany. Fraunhofer ISE’s scientists intend to use the new system to deposit layers for next-generation high-efficiency solar cells, and to develop innovative materials and processes for that purpose. The CHS aims to develop and manufacture high-efficiency solar cells and is already targeting industrial scalability for the processes and machines in this early phase of the technology’s maturity. One priority of development work for the VISTARIS 600 is to achieve low-damage deposition on a variety of substrates.

Dr. Stefan Rinck: “We are delighted that Fraunhofer ISE has chosen our coating system. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES and Fraunhofer ISE already have a long track record of cooperation on the development of high-performance solar cells. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES, in partnership with Fraunhofer ISE, will continue to develop pioneering, new solar cell types and technologies, and to enhance the competitiveness of Germany’s PV industry.” Dr. Stefan Rinck continues: "We also want to work with the R & D specialists from Fraunhofer ISE on the topics of hydrogen use and fuel cells."

To maximize efficiency, the ISE is investigating especially how to stack two solar cells with differing spectral light absorption to create tandem cells. To coordinate the two cell structures optimally and minimize energy losses, functional thin layers exhibiting adjusted optical and electronic characteristics are required. The VISTARIS 600 makes it possible to deposit oxidic and metallic layer systems using industrially scalable sputtering processes and to bring them in line with the requirements of high-efficiency cells.

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