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MPO International & SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES are pleased to announce their Strategic Partnership to offer the Cosmetic Industry 3D Objects Metallized using a Revolutionary Solution
October 02, 2017

Kahl am Main, 02 October 2017 - MPO International (MPO) and SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES have developed a long-term partnership in the optical disc market. From this trusted relationship, full inline replication machines are born and have been put into production to make MPO the 3rd disc manufacturer worldwide.

This gave MPO and SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES a recognized know how in metallization of thin films on in line machines. Now, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES and MPO are proud to announce that they offer a fully automated revolutionary coating solution that allows to metallize 3D surfaces with top quality at competitive cost.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES has achieved the development of DECOLINE II. It is a coating inline system able to operate directly from the big pack to the finished product, saving time-consuming manual work. This is especially true for high-end cosmetic products as processing in bulk is not always possible, nor desirable from a surface protection point of view.

DECOLINE II has been evaluated by the engineers of MPO International. From loading to packaging, the process is fully automated and not one manual step is necessary – at a cycle time of only 0.4 seconds per component. MPO International is ready to integrate the line in its facilities at Villaines la Juhel. The line will provide MPO with a capacity of 80 million unit’s metallized per year.

A long experience in mass production of high quality products on fully automated lines in clean room environment combined with its strong organization in logistics and distribution will make MPO a partner of choice for the cosmetic industry for the metallization of primary packaging such as mascara and cream caps.

Visit MPO @ Luxe Pack Monaco
booth AC9 - Hall Atrium - from 2nd to 4th October 2017

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is an engineering company and develops and builds machines for economic and resource-efficient production processes. The range of use of the machines built by SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES include vacuum thin-film and plasma coating, wet-chemical cleaning, coating and etching processes as well as thermal processing technology.

For all machines, processes and applications SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES utilizes its know-how in the areas of automation and process technology in order to provide additional, attractive work areas with innovative products next to the existing application areas of Solar, Semiconductors and Optical Disc.

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