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SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES Annual General Meeting on 28 June 2018
June 28, 2018
  • 47.23 % of share capital represented
  • Shareholders vote in favour of all agenda items

Kahl am Main, 28. Juni 2018 – The Annual General Meeting of SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG (SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES) in Frankfurt am Main on 28 June 2018 was represented by 47.23 % of the share capital.

The Annual General Meeting voted in favour of all proposed agenda items by a high majority. The members of the Management Board and Supervisory Board were discharged. Under Item 6 of the agenda, new authorized capital (Authorized Capital 2018/I) was approved.

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Rinck, Chairman of the Executive Board: "In the past few years, we have established ourselves as a supplier of equipment for the production of new, high-performance cell concepts for the CIGS thin-film solar technology sector. However, in addition to the growth in the solar sector, we will continue to work intensively in 2018 to introduce its processes and systems into new market areas. We see success for new equipment in the areas semiconductor, consumer products, and medical technology. "

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES – innovations for new technologies

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES builds innovative machines and equipment for economical and resource-efficient production processes.

These core competencies comprise coating technology, surface processing, wet-chemical applications as well as thermal processing steps. The company provides machines that are used in the solar, semiconductor technology, medical technology, consumer goods and optical disc areas worldwide. For all machines, processes and applications SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES draws upon its know-how in the areas of automation and process technology.


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