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SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES Publishes Outlook for the Current Business Year 2016
February 10, 2016

Kahl am Main, February 10, 2016 - The SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG (SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES) today publishes its forecast for the business year 2016.

For the current business year SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES projects sales in a range from € 115 to 130 million as well as a balanced to slightly negative EBITDA. The company still expects a slightly negative operating result (EBIT) for 2016 in the range of € -2 to -6 million. It is expected that sales will be split by more than 70% in the Solar division and around 20% in the Optical Disc segment. The company projects that the gross margins in the Solar and Optical Disc segments will come in above the level of 2015.

For 2017 the company expects a moderate improvement in sales compared with the business year 2016. A slightly positive operating result (EBIT) and correspondingly improved earnings before depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) are expected.

The forecast for the full-year targets for 2016 is mainly based on the assumptions that the Solar market will continue to perform favorably, the currently discussed, extensive orders for production machines for thin-film solar modules are realized and that additional orders in the area of wet-chemical machines are received shortly. Furthermore, first sales with the BLULINE III systems for the production of the Ultra-HD Blu-ray Discs should be achieved and the service activities should deliver stable contributions to earnings.

The restructuring of the corporate bond is an essential prerequisite for the reorganization of the company, without which the planned growth cannot be achieved from today’s point of view. Therefore, according to the current assessment of the Executive Board, the implementation of these measures and the concurrent approval by the bondholders and shareholders is the only feasible way to prevent an otherwise imminent insolvency of the company.

This publication contains future-oriented statements. These statements reflect the current assessments, expectations and assumptions of the Singulus Technologies AG and are based on information currently available to the management and on which the forecast was based. The actual future results of the Singulus Technologies AG may significantly deviate from the mentioned forecasts due to other factors or assumptions stated in this publication. In particular, these factors include changes in the general economic situation, the competitive situation and the investment spending of important customers. In addition, geopolitical changes, trade restrictions, developments of financial markets, legal changes, exchange-rate changes, changes in taxation and tariffs as well as similar factors beyond the company’s power can have an impact on future results. The company reserves the right to only update the outlook in case of significant changes of underlying assumptions.

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