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SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES receives initial order for vacuum coating system for the finishing of three-dimensional components
October 04, 2017

Kahl am Main, 4 October 2017 – SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG (SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES) has successfully recorded its first order for a vacuum coating system of the POLYCOATER type for use in the cosmetics industry. The customer is preparing a further expansion in its production capacity and planning to invest in additional machinery.

The POLYCOATER is universally usable as a coating system both in the cosmetics industry and beyond, e.g. for products in the packaging and electronics sectors, and also in the car industry.

The coating system is conceived as an inline machine and operates according to the vacuum cathode atomization principle. Compared to batch production involving evaporation deposition, this solution automates the production process and its short cycle times markedly cut production costs. For optimum coating of all sides, the components can be rotated in the vacuum.

The POLYCOATER is a central element of the DECOLINE II production line for the manufacture and finishing of three-dimensional components. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES has developed this new production line, which integrates metallizing in a vacuum plus all coating steps into a single production process, while transporting the parts fully automatically.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES – innovations for new technologies
SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is a mechanical engineering company that develops and builds machinery for economical and resource-efficient production processes. The application areas of the machinery built by SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES span vacuum thin-film and plasma coating, wet-chemical cleaning and etching processes, as well as thermal process technologies.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES draws on its expertise in the fields of automation and process engineering for all machinery, processes and applications, and is thus able to supply innovative products for the solar, semiconductor and optical disc application areas as well as other attractive fields of activity.

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