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SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES signs during the China International Import Expo Show (CIIE) further Agreements for the Delivery of Production Systems for CIGS Solar Modules
November 07, 2018

Kahl am Main/Shanghai, 07 November 2018 – During the International Import Expo Show (CIIE) in Shanghai, China, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES today signed a further letter of intent (LOI) for the delivery of more than 10 production machines for the manufacturing of 300 MW of CIGS thin-film solar modules.

After China National Building Materials, Peking (CNBM) signed already yesterday an agreement for the expansion of the manufacturing site in Bengbu, Province Anhui, today another agreement was signed for 300 MW manufacturing capacity for the city of Xuzhou in the province Jiangsu. The volume will amount also to a high double-digit million Euro amount. With this further agreement during the last two days a capacity for 600 MW was signed.

During the International Import Expo Show in Shanghai also a LOI was signed for the delivery of the missing five CISARIS selenisation furnaces for the second production site Meishan, province Sichuan.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is discussing with the costumer the final contracts for the delivery of the machines. Production and delivery of the machines should take place during 2019 and 2020.

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Rinck, CEO of the SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG, comments: “These new contracts, which our company signed for the delivery of large production machines for the manufacturing of CIGS solar modules in the past two days, confirm our close partnership with CNBM and our leading position in the market segment for CIGS thin-film solar modules. CNBM already works on the installation and ramp up of 1.2 GW CIGS manufacturing capacity and thus continues its investments and expansion plans in China for the set-up of production capacity in the GW area as planned.”

Background CIGS technology
For the CIGS technology large glass panels are used as base material and coated with thin alloys of copper, indium, gallium and selenium or sulfur (CIGS). Thin-film solar modules approve their performance also at low lighting conditions or very high temperatures, i.e. the thin-film solar modules already generate power in the early mornings and in the evenings and therefore offer cost benefits for the generation of electricity from photovoltaics. Loss of power during clouding is also mitigated to a large extent. Moreover, due to their optically more attractive surface, they can be set up on roofs and faces of buildings as a means of design.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES - Innovations for New Technologies

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES builds innovative machines and systems for economic and resource-efficient production processes. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES’ strategy targets the use and expansion of its existing core competencies.

The core competencies include coating technology, surface treatment, wet-chemical as well as thermal production processes. The company offers machines, which are globally deployed in the photovoltaics, semiconductor, medical technology, consumer goods and optical disc sectors. For all machines, processes and applications SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES draws upon its know-how in the areas of automation and process technology.

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