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SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES introduces its new Vacuum Deposition System ROTARIS for Semiconductor and other R&D Applications
November 14, 2012
  • For R&D Applications in the Semiconductor market
  • First machine already sold

Kahl am Main, November 14, 2012 – SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES (SINGULUS) introduces a new universal sputter deposition machine to the market under the product name ROTARIS. The new system has been designed especially for research and development in the semiconductor industry and other more general applications. The ROTARIS will be introduced at the Semicon Japan trade fair in December 2012. In order to further develop the MRAM storage technology to market maturity and for other applications in the semiconductor industry, many respective research institutions are in need of flexible R&D platforms such as the SINGULUS’ Nano-deposition machine. With the new coating system ROTARIS, SINGULUS strengthens its position as renowned manufacturer of advanced thin-film deposition equipment for MRAM and Thin-Film Head production as well as other semiconductor applications and trusted development partner in the respective industry and extends its leadership in the thin-film deposition technology for Semiconductor applications. A first machine was already sold in the first half-year 2012.

The ROTARIS ultra-high vacuum system is a modular platform for fast, precise and fully automated thin-film sputter deposition. The ROTARIS is a bridge system for 200 mm and 300 mm wafer processing. Its main deposition chamber RSM (Rotating-Substrate-Module) can house up to 12 physical vapor deposition (PVD) cathodes with a target diameter of 100 mm. The ROTARIS design provides in particular a rotating substrate deposition technology with the additional capability to tilt the substrate. Additional features for R&D are “Co-sputtering” with up to four cathodes, DC-, pulsed DC-, RF-sputtering, Wafer heating, and an In-situ Aligning Magnetic Field. The installation of an Ion source as alternative equipment allows surface treatment and smoothing, Ion milling and Side wall cleaning.

Leading Nano-Coating Technologies for Magnetic Storage and Semiconductor Wafer Production
SINGULUS has already established and qualified the second generation of the TIMARIS PVD Cluster Tool in the market and is offering a complete portfolio of process modules for different applications. As of today, seven different process modules are available to configure a TIMARIS system according to customer needs. These modules include the Multi-Target-Module, Flexible-Target-Module, Rotating Substrate Module, Oxidation-Process-Module, Pre-Clean- Module, Combi-Process-Module and Static-PVD Module. Among these the Multi-Target-Module and/or the Flexible-Target-Module are the centerpiece of the TIMARIS. Most of the TIMARIS applications require the deposition of film stacks containing ultra-thin metallic and insulating layers down to a thickness of one nanometer and below with very precise material thickness and high uniformity specifications. The deposition of ferromagnetic thin films of highest quality is another unique capability of the TIMARIS. The new ROTARIS PVD system is based on the same modules with the Rotating Substrate Module as core piece of equipment and addresses the same applications considering the special needs of R&D.

“Our nano-coating systems form the basis for the development of new applications in the semiconductor sector. As leading provider of vacuum coating machines for MRAM wafer, write/read heads and new semiconductor applications we consider ourselves in an excellent starting position for this emerging growth market", comments Dr.-Ing. Stefan Rinck, CEO of SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is market leader in the business segment Optical Disc for CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc production equipment. In the Solar segment, SINGULUS’ goal is to attain a leading position in the silicon and thin-film solar technology as a machine supplier as well as a development partner and supplier of manufacturing equipment for new cell concepts. Especially in the CIGS/CIS thin-film technology SINGULUS is excellently positioned. The activities in the division Semiconductor for vacuum deposition machines are extensively strengthened to applications like MRAM, sensors as well as read/write elements. New application areas for vacuum deposition technology are the focus of the further development.


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