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SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES Signs Contract for Delivery of Complete Crystalline Solar Cell Production Line
January 31, 2012

Kahl am Main, January 31, 2012 – SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG (SINGULUS) signed a contract for the delivery of a production line with an Eastern European customer who starts to invest in the manufacturing of crystalline solar cells. The delivery of the line is scheduled to take place in early 2013 under restriction of the approval of the relevant committees. The contractual agreement with this customer means an additional important expansion step for SINGULUS in the solar segment.

Mr. Vidmantas Janulevičius, CEO of BOD Group, states: “We are very proud signing this contract for a crystalline solar cell production line following the Lithuanian Photovoltaic Technology Policy. We have chosen to buy the manufacturing equipment from SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES because SINGULUS has been known as a leading provider for vacuum process technology for years and we believe in the concept of the manufacturing line with integrated SINGULUS machines.”

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Rinck, Chief Executive Officer of the SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG, comments: “We have established ourselves in the market with our offer for the SOLARE production system. Due to the existing technologies and personnel expertise at SINGULUS, we are able to provide a proven machine technology for setting up a cost-effective working crystalline solar cell production”.

Herewith, SINGULUS proves the efficiency of the competencies centralized in the company for the delivery of all essential systems up to the complete manufacturing line. The central manufacturing steps for the production of crystalline solar cells are provided by SINGULUS: the texturing machine, the anti-reflective coating, the additional machine for the wet-chemical phosphor glass cleaning as well as the automated wafer handling systems are proprietary developments by SINGULUS.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES continues to expand its activities in the segments Solar and Optical Disc. The goal is to attain a leading position in the silicon and thin-film solar technology as a machine supplier as well as a development partner for new cell concepts and to further extend the technologic leadership in the Optical Disc segment. In the past couple of months SINGULUS has noticed increased activities in the area of MRAM memory by large semiconductor companies. SINGULUS expects that the development of MRAM memory will be further progressing. SINGULUS’ vacuum coating machine TIMARIS is already being utilized by customers to research MRAM wafers. SINGULUS considers itself to be in an exceptional starting position for the upcoming growth market of MRAM memory.

In addition, the company reviews other sectors and work areas, where new market segments can be developed on the basis of the present know-how in the area of vacuum coating.


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