1 Injection Molding
The MOLDPRO/2 all-electric molding machine is designed for the economic production of CDs and DVDs. Its direct drive concept guarantees highest precision and repeatability to ensure disc quality according to the specifications issued by the Philips Intellectual Property & Standards Organization. The MOLDPRO/2 molding machine is equipped with its own computer control unit and is fully integrated into SKYLINE II and inter- faced with PLC.

2 Cooling Conveyor

The high take-out temperatures generated by fast cycling molding machines make it necessary to cool down the discs before further processing. Therefore, SKYLINE II has an integrated cooling conveyor with 13 positions between each delivery point, from the molding machine take-out robot to the sputter module transfer position.

3 Sputter Station

One important feature of the SKYLINE II is the integration of the SINGULUS V high rate sputter equipment. The high performance of this metallizer significantly contributes to the increased reliability, high uptime and quick repair times of the SKYLINE II. The system is equipped with one energy-saving, high performance FOCUS Cathode® achieving the specified layer characteristics for the metallization of CD and DVD 5 layers.

4 Spin-Off Units
The first spin-off bowl is used to rotate the disc while dispensing the lacquer or bonding resin. For CD production, the protective lacquer is distributed with high uniformity by means of spin-off. In DVD 5 mode, the bonding resin is dispensed onto the bottom disc half, then the top side disc is smoothly placed onto the resin. In the SKYLINE II DUPLEX, a second spin-off bowl is integrated next to the first one. This second bowl, with its assortment of spinning speeds, is used to ensure high uniformity of the bonding agent between the disc halves.
5 Bonding (DUPLEX only)
The bonding unit consists of a dosing system with a degassing unit, two spin-off bowls and an I-BOND® system, guaranteeing the prevention of bubble generation during the bonding process.

6 UV-Curing
The UV-curing station has a two-position turntable. The rotation of the disc in front of the UV-bulb guarantees a constant and uniform curing of the CD or DVD 5 as well as excellent curing results for the DVD 5 disc edge.

7 Final Inspection
The SKYLINE II is equipped with a high quality final inspection system for CD; the SKYLINE II DUPLEX has a different scanner for the inspection of DVD5.

8 Control Unit
The SKYLINE II is controlled through one Siemens S7 and one Mitsubishi PLC. With a 15” touch screen, the visualization concept helps the operators to become rapidly accustomed to the operation of the whole line.

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