Dye Coating: Precise, controlled, perfect.

Uniform dye application, low material consumption and high production speeds – STREAMLINE III sets new standards in dye coating.

The system operates with six dye coating cups, driven by AC-servomotors.

Heating: For active discs.

To remove residual solvent out of the condensed and air-dried dye film, the inspected dye coated substrates are fed into specially designed drying unit.

Metallizing: Fast, efficient, consistent.

The Streamline III uses a powerful metallizer that optimizes the process. For metallization of the molded (DVDR respectively DVD/CD substrates) with reflective material, one SINGULUS V high rate sputter module with patented SMART CATHODES® is used.

Each sputter module (SP1) is driven by a separate 10 kW (400-1000V) power supply.

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