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Glossary Wet chemical

Deposit-resistant coating:

This coating helps reduce the formation of deposits such as proteins or lipids on the contact lens surface. This keeps the lens clear and comfortable longer.

Anti-fog coating:

This coating is applied to the contact lenses to reduce fogging. This is especially useful in environments with changing temperatures or high humidity.

Anti-reflective coating:

An anti-reflective coating is used to reduce annoying light reflections on the surface of the contact lenses. This improves vision and comfort, especially with plastic lenses.


A process in which material is selectively removed to create specific patterns, shapes or designs on the surface. Etching is often used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards, microchips, and decorative metal parts.

Color or tint coating:

Special layers of color or tint can be applied to contact lenses to change natural eye color or create cosmetic effects.

Research and development applications:

Applications used to research and develop new products or technologies.


An electrochemical process in which a thinner layer of one metal is deposited onto the surface of another metal. This is often used to improve corrosion resistance, aesthetics, or electrical conductivity.


A special process in metalworking in which the material is subjected to heat treatment to improve its mechanical properties, such as hardness and strength.

Hydrophilic coating:

Contact lenses can be coated with a hydrophilic coating to make the surface more comfortable for users. This coating makes the lenses more water-attractive, which helps them retain moisture better and sit more comfortably on the eye.

Inline and batch version:

Different operating modes of the MEDLINE wet process system.
Inline version: process takes place continuously, ideal for high volume production.
Batch version: process takes place in discrete batches, suitable for specific or small-scale production.

KOH etching:

A special etching process, uses potassium hydroxide (KOH) as the etching solution. This process is often used in the microelectronics industry to pattern or machine silicon substrates.


Advanced Cleaning System for Silicon (Solar & Semiconductor Application)

MEDLINE wet process system:

A modular system from SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES for wet chemical applications in medical fields.

Metal etching:

A specific etching process. This process is specialized to etch metals with high precision and accuracy.

Modular System:

A system consisting of independent, interchangeable modules that can be configured for different purposes.

Wet chemical applications:

Processes in which chemical reactions occur in a liquid solution, typically for surface treatments in medical applications.

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare:

the areas of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.


The process of removing contaminants, grease, oil and other residues from the surface of a material to prepare it for further processing steps.


The treatment of the surface of a material to give it a specific texture or structure, whether for decorative, functional or technical purposes.


Modular Wet Processing System for Cleaning and Etching of High Performance Solar Cells

UV protective coating:

Contact lenses can be provided with a special coating that blocks harmful UV rays. This coating protects the eyes from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

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