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Innovative Technology for PERC, HJT, IBC, HBC, TOPCon and Tandem Solar Cells

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES’ production equipment is designed for the newest PV cell processes, high throughput and low material and media consumption, thus enabling to improve cell efficiency, to save energy and raw materials and to reduce manufacturing costs for highly efficient solar cells. To transfer new, highly efficient solar cell concepts like PERC, HJT, IBC, passivated contacts and tandem cells successfully into industrial mass production, requires highly reliable machines covering the following process steps:

  • Advanced PVD vacuum thin-film coating (sputtering and evaporation)
  • Advanced CVD vacuum thin-film coating (PECVD)
  • Advanced wet chemical processes
  • Specific thermal processes to achieve optimum layer properties
  • A combination of vacuum, wet chemical and thermal process technologies for the fabrication of Tandem Solar Cells