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SELENIUS Evaporation System for Thin-Film Solar

The Selenius evaporation tool is based on the thermal evaporation of all CIGS-related precursor materials. The Selenius is dedicated to the deposition of copper-indium-gallium-selenium layers for the purpose to form optimum precursor layers in the application of CIGS-thin-film solar cells. The evaporation system consists of a handling station, multiple heating/cooling stations and deposition-chambers.

The inline evaporation system Selenius is offering proven thermal deposition technology, that delivers a high material utilization and excellent layer uniformity. In combination with a high uptime and mechanical yield, the system leads to a highly optimized and

flexible production platform.

Key Components

The evaporation system consists of the following key components:

→ Handling section – Transport of the substrates between the fabautomation and the evaporation system, including load-/unload of the process carriers

→ Process section – Entrance load lock and pre-heating chamber provide the necessary vacuum level and apply an initial temperature profile for the consecutive process steps

→ Deposition Chambers -Integrated multiple chamber system with heating – deposition – cooling capability. Chambers designed for excellent temperature uniformity and excellent deposition of different materials by optimized deposition-speed and

geometry to achieve high repeatable precursor layers

→ Cooling Chamber and Exit Chamber Substrate cooling and exit on pre-defined temperature

→ Periphery Cold Traps (in front of TMPs) Metrology

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