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Vistaris PVD Sputtering System

The VISTARIS PVD Sputtering system is design for sputtering material like ITO, AZO and metallic layers like Mo, Al, Cu, Ag, NiV. The main advantage of the Vistaris PVD sputtering system is the use of vertical vacuum-based coating of glass substrates in various industries. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES offers proven sputtering systems with vertical substrate transport with the brand name VISTARIS PVD. One major application is today’s CIGS & CdTe thin-film solar cell production. The Vistaris PVD sputtering system has been developed to enhance the efficiency of thin-film solar cells, while cutting production costs by using the state-of-the-art technologies. The Vistaris sputtering system offers ideal conditions for other applications such as large glass surfaces. Examples are transparent front or metallic back contact layers as well as multilayered precursors with a broad range of different materials.

Main characteristics:

» Vertical large area PVD sputter systems are used for particle free process requirements
» Carrier usage for transport of the substrates
» Largest system built: 1,4 m x 1,6 m, possible up to 3,2 m x 4 m
» Tact time: up to 45 s per carrier
» Usage of rotatable cylindrical magnetrons for highest utilization of target material
» Temperature processing before and during deposition available
» DC; pDC; BP and RF process available
» Sputtering material: ITO, AZO and metallic layers like Mo, Al, Cu, Ag, NiV, etc.
» Vacuum base pressure: < 1 x 10-6 mbar
» Typical process pressure: 2 – 8 x10-3 mbar
» No carrier return system necessary
» Temperature range for deposition: up to 200 °C

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