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Battery / Hydrogen

PVD Sputtering and PECVD production systems for Battery / Hydrogen Applications

The demand for energy storage systems based on lithium-ion battery technology is rapidly growing.

PVD sputtering and PECVD production systems from SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES offer for hydrogen applications as well as battery cells different thin-film layer deposition solutions.

Market for hydrogen growing strongly

The direct or indirect use of hydrogen offers high potential for the electrolysis, industrial and transport sectors, and in the long term also in power generation. It is becoming increasingly clear that hydrogen will play a central role in greenhouse gas neutrality. Water electrolysis will become a critical industrial policy component. The projected demand for green hydrogen electrolysis plants far exceeds the current supply. According to a study by the German Academy of Science and Engineering, there is a need for at least 20 GW of installed electrolysis capacity for the production of hydrogen in 2030 for industry in Germany alone. The German government’s National Hydrogen Strategy assumes a hydrogen demand of approximately 90 to 110 TWh per year by 2030 and aims to build an electrolysis capacity of at least 10 GW by 2030.

For example, in the study “Hydrogen-based Industry in Germany and Europe” (2021), Enervis Energy Advisors assumes a hydrogen demand for Germany of 110 TWh in 2030, 260 TWh in 2040 and 450 TWh in 2050.



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