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Responsible and sustainable corporate governance is a high priority for the SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG.

The Executive and Supervisory Board understand this to mean the responsible and sustainable management and control of the company with a focus on long-term success. These principles of good corporate governance ensure a targeted and efficient cooperation between the Executive and Supervisory Board, respect for the interests of the shareholders and employees, appropriate handling of risks and transparency as well as responsibility in all entrepreneurial decisions.
With its products for solar technology as well for hydrogen and battery technology SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES actively works on the introduction and distribution of environmentally friendly power generation. The company’s products are continuously improved to follow the idea of sustainability and to reduce the energy consumption in operation. Sustainable thinking starts here already with the design of the machines. The recycling of consumables is a matter of course in the company.

In the past two fiscal years, the company has developed new equipment for further applications on the basis of its technological know-how. Due to the increasing importance of the new work areas SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES has adjusted the segment structure to this development. Since January 1, 2019, products in the Medical Technology and Decorative Coatings business areas have been assigned to the Life Science segment.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES has installed an energy management system in the company and follows the following rules:

  • Energy consumption is systematically evaluated
  • Energy flows are recorded and kept up to date
  • Energy saving measures are planned and implemented
  • Planned activities to improve energy efficiency are continuously updated
  • The management board publishes the energy management targets

To implement the energy policy, an energy management officer monitors and controls the development. In order to comply with the corporate duty of care, all strategic and operational goals as well as all necessary measures are defined in an energy management manual.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES views sustainability as an opportunity to position itself accordingly with innovative products that follow this basic idea.

The focus is on:

  • Environmental awareness
  • The conservation of resources
  • The avoidance of unnecessary CO₂ pollution
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