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  • New orders for DECOLINE II and POLYCOATER
  • Environmentally-friendly Chrome (VI)-free coating technology
  • Fast and efficient process
  • Applications in the cosmetics, automotive and medical technology sectors amongst others

Kahl am Main, February 04, 2021 – With the vacuum coating machine POLYCOATER as well as with the integrated production line DECOLINE II, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES has successfully established production machines for the environmentally-friendly surface processing of 3D-components. For both systems, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES was able to book new orders.

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Rinck, Chief Executive Officer of the SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG, explains: “In the past couple of days we have received orders from Asia and America and we are working on additional, promising projects. The advantages of this coating technology are impressive – the procedure is environmentally-friendly and sustainable and there is no hazardous waste.”

The DECOLINE II by SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES integrates the metallization in vacuum (sputtering) as well as all lacquering and pre-processing steps in one production run and, in this course, moves the components automatically through all processing steps. The POLYCOATER as a vacuum sputtering machine is a central component of the entire line and is also offered to the market as a stand-alone product. In comparison to the laborious batch production, which utilizes deposition technology, this solution automates the production process and significantly reduces production costs with the short cycle times of around 6 seconds per substrate carrier. Subject to the product size, a substrate carrier can transport up to 18 parts through all of the processing stations at the same time. Through the use of solvent-free UV-lacquers and the ability to recycle these, the output of environmentally-burdening emissions is significantly reduced.

The finishing of surfaces by means of vacuum sputtering technology enables numerous new applications in the automobile and cosmetics sectors as well as, amongst others, the finishing of fashion products, ball-point pens and smartphones. With the DECOLINE II the Chrome (VI)-free metallization of components is economically realized and in particular the automotive industry is offered cost savings through fully-automated, integrated production and simplified logistics.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES has also utilized and tested its vacuum sputtering technology for medical applications. Frequently used surfaces such as door handles, elevator buttons, shopping trolley handrails and light switches pose a considerable risk of transmission of bacteria, viruses and fungal cultures. Also, for face masks there are problems of cleaning after their use. One possibility to reduce the risk of infections is the use of specially-coated products with permanent anti-bacterial and anti-viral surfaces made out of a copper alloy layer. This method is available immediately and is especially helpful in times of the COVID-19 pandemic to prevent dangerous infections. In November 2020 an independent institute confirmed that the copper alloy layer developed by SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES also achieves a strong reduction factor with respect to the corona virus SARS-CoV-2.

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