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Glossary Decorative Coating

DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating:

A decorative coating that produces a smooth, hard surface similar to that of diamonds. DLC coatings provide high hardness, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.

Hard coating:

A coating that hardens the surface and makes it more resistant to abrasion and scratches.

In-line production systems:

Manufacturing systems designed for automated handling and coating of three-dimensional parts without requiring manual intervention.

Interference coating:

A special technique that controls the thickness of layers to create interference effects that result in fascinating colored or iridescent surfaces.


A method in which material is detached from a target by ion bombardment and deposited onto the substrate. This process allows coating with a variety of materials, including metals and ceramics.

Multilayer coating:

A decorative coating consisting of several successive layers of different materials to achieve specific color or gloss effects. This allows for a wide range of designs and styles.


The process of applying a thin layer of metal to a substrate to give it a metallic appearance. This is often used for decorative purposes on plastics and other materials.

Metallization equipment:

Machines and technologies used to apply metallized coatings to various surfaces.

Plasma Activation:

A pretreatment process in which the surface of a substrate is activated by plasma to improve the adhesion and durability of the coating applied to it.

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating:

A technique in which materials are deposited on the surface of a substrate by evaporation and condensation to impart decorative and functional properties.

Coating Thickness Measurement:

The technique of precisely measuring the thickness of the deposited coating, often using methods such as ellipsometry, X-ray fluorescence analysis, or profilometry.


A PVD technique in which material is detached from a target by ion bombardment and deposited onto the substrate. This process allows precise control over coating thickness.

Environmentally friendly metallized coatings:

Coatings developed using environmentally sound methods and materials to address concerns related to non-recyclable materials and harmful chemicals.

Vacuum Chamber:

The space where the coating process takes place, which is evacuated to an extremely low pressure level to provide a controlled environment for the coating.


The process by which a material is vaporized by heating in a vacuum and then condensing on the substrate to form a decorative coating.


Inline PVD/Sputtering System


Green Metallizing Inline Production System for Sustainable Coating of 3D Parts with DECOLINE II


Lacquering System for 3D Parts

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