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Deposition Systems

(PVD & PECVD) for R&D and Pilot Production

Deposition Systems with Horizontal & Vertical Substrate Transport (PVD & PECVD) for R&D, Testing & Pilot Production

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 Vacuum Deposition Systems (PVD & PECVD)

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES continues to emphasize on the new and further development of production equipment (PVD & PECVD) for new applications. The core competence of SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is the development of new vacuum coating systems for use in mass production, pilot production and laboratory applications.

The implementation of individual customer requirements is tested in R&D and as well as in pilot production and the results are transferred to inline mass production. For example, single substrates deposition machines (PVD & PECVD) are used for R&D and testing of new applications, display and touch screen devices with applications like ITO coatings, AR coatings, EMI shielding and coatings for so called one glass solution technology.

The transfer from R&D to inline production machines secures the use of layers systems of high conductivity and transparency and various other metal coatings at the same time.

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