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 Substrate Deposition

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Sputtering & Plasma-enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition

For medical technology, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES offers processes and equipment for coating technology (sputtering, evaporation, PECVD). A common trait of all processes is the basic principle of efficient, low-resource production technology.

A variety of deposition materials with its wide range of metals, metal alloys, ceramics, etc. is available for the respective application. Inline sputtering systems, such as the POLYCOATER, are the result of the combination of proven coating technologies, high-performance expertise, and unique experience bundled with a revolutionary concept for the application of 3-dimensional coatings onto parts. Not only decorative, but also functional layers, e.g. for the packaging of medical parts, can be applied. Possible approaches are antibacterial coatings, EMV-shielding, or electrically conductive layers. The environmentally friendly, low-cost functional antibacterial coatings minimise the risk of infection by the so-called “hospital superbug” MRSA and by E. coli bacteria, as various studies have shown.

Application examples for medical devices:

  • Antibacterial coatings
  • Dense barrier layers, gradient layers
  • Antireflection coatings
  • Hard coatings
  • Adhesion-promoting layers
  • Plasma functionalisation
  • Plasma cleaning, plasma sterilisation
  • Decorative coatings


POLYCOATER Inline Sputtering System

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