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Kahl am Main, 08 November 2017 – SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG (SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES) is embarking on the strategically important entry into the high-growth market of medical technology and has signed its first contract of over 10 million euros on the sale of systems for the processing of contact lenses. The outstanding payment on account for the contract is expected to be received soon.

The systems are to be supplied to a global active company in the medical sector. This entry into the high-growth market of medical technology represents a strategically important broadening of the portfolio with an eye to the future. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES has been working together with this key customer on a development project for some time now, and has developed a new processing system for the production of contact lenses.

The new processing system cleans residual material from contact lenses and then coats the lenses in a further process step.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG, Hanauer Landstraße 103, D-63796 Kahl/Main, ISIN: DE0007238909, WKN: 723890

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