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CSS Close Spaced Sublimation
The Close Spaced Sublimation (CSS) is one important process steps for the production of CdTe solar modules. The CSS oven is installed in the flow of the manufacturing process as part of
an automated fabrication line for the production of CdTe thin film solar modules. The sublimation step is used for the deposition of the active, light absorbing layers on the glass substrates.
The CSS oven provides the deposition of the CdS or CdSe layer onto the TCO-coated side of a glass substrate as well as the CdTe layer on top of said CdS or CdSe film.


» Entrance module with interface to the fab automation
» Vacuum heating and cooling sections to establish a precise temperature profile into the substrates
» Deposition section with maintenance friendly sublimation sources
» Exit module for high homogeneous cool-down process
» Atmospheric cooling section with fast cooling function including interface to the fab automation
» Reliable vacuum systems


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