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The newly developed GENERIS PECVD system is a modular horizontal inline tool designed for the special needs in mass production of state-of-the-art crystalline silicon solar cells with highest efficiencies,

such as passivated emitter and rear cells (PERC/ PERT) and cells with passivated contacts (e.g. TOPCon, POLO). PERC solar cells are coated on both sides with dielectric passivation layers. Rear side passivation is achieved by deposition of a thin aluminum oxide (AlOx) layer capped by hydrogen rich silicon nitride (SiNx:H). On the front side, a layer of SiNx:H serves as both, passivation and anti-reflective coating (ARC). The system is ideally suited for cost effective mass production with high throughput, high uptime, short cleaning interruptions and maximum utilization of raw materials. The substrate temperature is fully controlled during the whole process, which enables optimum layer performance at temperatures in theorder of 350 °C for PERC cells. The thermal properties can be adapted in a wide range for other layer stacks and applications. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES carriersallow single side deposition with close to zero wraparound. The GENERIS PECVD allows for deposition on both sides of the wafer without vacuum interruption. The application of both processes AlOx and SiNx is  realized in one common system with help of a gas separation chamber. Thus, GENERIS PECVD can be configured to individual needs:

» AlOx + SiNx on the rear and SiNx on the front for complete passivation of PERC and other cell types

» AlOx + SiNx for PERC rear side or n-PERT front side passivation

» SiNx on front and/or rear for anti-reflective or capping layer only

» SiOx or SiNx as passivation and/or masking layers for interdigitated back contact cells (IBC) and comparable applications

» Silicon and/or aluminum based oxidic or nitridic protection or intermediate layers for next generation and tandem cell structures


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