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Deposition Systems for Semi-conductor

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is a renowned manufacturer of advanced thin-film deposition equipment for MRAM, thin-film head, sensor, inductors with a magnetic core and other semiconductor applications. It is the trusted partner in the respective industry and extends its leadership in the thin-film deposition technology for semiconductor applications.

The PVD tools from SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES with the brand name TIMARIS a complete portfolio of process modules for a variety of applications.

  • TMR, pTMR – MRAM
  • Magnetic sensor (GMR, AMR, TMR)
  • Integrated inductors
  • Integrated voltage regulator (Buck Converter)
  • MEMS
  • High moment materials
  • TFH reader & writer
  • Semiconductors


VISTARIS Inline Sputtering Systems with Vertical Substrate Transport  for Thin Film Solar & other Applications


Inline Sputtering System with Horizontal Substrate Transport for Thin Film Solar & other Applications


POLYCOATER Inline Sputtering System

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