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Inline Production System for Sustainable Coating of 3D Parts

The DECOLINE manufacturing solution is interesting for automotive, consumer goods, sanitary, mobile phones and packaging. The DECOLINE II distinguishes itself with versatile options in realizing different layer configurations.

Not only decorative, but also functional layers could be applied. Thinkable approaches are antibacterial coatings, EMV-shielding, electrical conductive layer (e.g. on electroplating components before the actual electroplating) or antennas. Each electrical conductive and non-magnetic metal and its alloys can be used as a metallic layer. This is a clear unique selling point, compared to batch processes, in which the selection of possible coating materials is much more limited.


POLYCOATER Inline Sputtering System


Green Metallizing Inline Production System for Sustainable Coating of 3D Parts with DECOLINE II


Complete Painting Systems

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