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Cosmetics –  Sputtering (Metallzing)  & Lacquering

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System for Sustainable Coating of 3D Parts for Cosmetics

Due to its flexibility the DECOLINE II offers the cosmetics sector the opportunity to finish diverse cosmetic products with a wide range of different colors. Brilliant layers on 3-dimensional parts allowing individual design of the cosmetics lead to a uniqueness of the product. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES offers the second generation of inline coating solutions for fully automated handling and coating of 3-dimensional parts.

From loading, lacquering, metallizing to packaging, the process is fully automated and not one manual step is necessary – at a cycle time of only 0.4 seconds per component. The new DECOLINE II by SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is able to offer the industry an environmentally friendly process and significant benefits for simplifying their production processes.


POLYCOATER Inline Sputtering System


Green Metallizing Inline Production System for Sustainable Coating of 3D Parts with DECOLINE II


Complete Painting Systems

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