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The POLYCOATER is an inline vacuum sputtering system (Coating Metallizing) for the fully automatic coating of 3-dimensional plastic parts. The sputtering module can be interlinked with different innovative handling concepts, which provide the possibility of incorporation of additional production modules (e.g. pretreatment lacquering module, robot handling systems). The POLYCOATER coating system is designed as a system for industrial production use. The sputtering system can be integrated into the existing production flow. An exchange handling system is loading new parts and is unloading the metallized parts to an interface position. The Sputtering System Polycoater (Coating Metallizing) is the result of the combination of proven coating technologies, high erformance expertise and unique experience bundled with a revolutionary concept for the application of 3-dimensional coating onto parts. Not only decorative, but also functional layers could be applied. Possible approaches are antibacterial coatings, EMV-shielding, electrically conductive layer (e.g. on electroplating components before the process) or antennas. Each electrically conductive and nonmagnetic metal and its alloys can be used as a metallic layer. This is a clear unique selling point, compared to batch processes, in which the selection of possible coating materials is much more limited. The POLYCOATER metallizer offers a reproducible layer uniformity and high deposition rates with highest coating quality and a high uptime through to permanent sputtering process control. The cycle time per carrier is down to 6 seconds with up to 18 parts on one carrier.


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stems included uses recyclable water-based UV lacquer that are particularly environmentally friendly. The PAINTLINE is used for, among other things, the finishing of glass bottles.

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