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TIMARIS Sputtering System “Deposition” for Various and Magnetic Storage Applications

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is market and technology leader with its TIMARIS Sputtering System “Deposition” for magnetic structures and spintronic. Thanks to the broad spectrum of available deposition and conditioning modules the TIMARIS Cluster Tool it the ideal PVD deposition Platform for a wide range of applications in the semiconductor industry.
The TIMARIS cluster tool is dedicated for the deposition of ultra-thin metallic and insulating films down to a thickness of one nanometer and below and stacks of such films with very precise material thickness and high uniformity specifications. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is a renowned manufacturer of advanced thin-film deposition equipment for MRAM, thin-film head, sensor and other semiconductor applications. It is the trusted partner in the respective industry and extends its leadership in the thin-film deposition technology for semiconductor applications. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES has already established and qualified the second generation of the TIMARIS PVD Cluster Tool platform in the market and is offering
a complete portfolio of process modules for different applications.

As of today, more than ten process modules are available to configure a TIMARIS Sputtering System “Deposition” according to customer needs. These modules include the Multi-Target-Module, Oxidation-Process-Module, Pre-Clean-Module, Combi-Process-Module, Four- Target-Module and Static-Deposition-Module as well as the Rotating-Substrate-Module. The Rotating- Substrate-Module is the core module of the ROTARIS platform, our sputtering system with a high flexibility including co-sputtering. The TIMARIS Sputtering System “Deposition” modules incorporate the full scope of sputtering techniques as: DC magnetron sputtering, pulsed DC magnetron sputtering and RF magnetron sputtering as well as combinations of these modes are selectable by recipe.

→ Up to 10 targets in one deposition chamber
→ High throughput for multilayer deposition with short change time between the materials
→ Outstanding homogeneity due to the patented Linear Dynamic Deposition (Patent US 7,799,179)
→ Excellent Sub-Å thickness control with high repeatability
→ Very long target life with optimized coating efficiency
→ Low cost of ownership
→ Qualified processes for production

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