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Recyclable Metallized Coatings – Sputtering & Lacquering

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Eco-friendly, Recyclable Metallized Coatings from SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES

Successfully tested per Association of Plastic Recyclers’ Standards

By means of its POLYCOATER sputtering system SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES has produced metallized finishes on PET plastic that have cleared the key recyclability tests including:

  • Metal detection
  • NIR resin identification

All tests were performed at test facilities certified by the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR). In addition to recyclability these coatings are significantly eco-friendlier as compared to conventional metallizing, painting, and foiling processes.

  • On many substrates (including PET, SAN, and glass) resin-based spray primers and topcoats can be avoided
  • Substantially less energy is required to apply the coatings (70 %+ reduction, cost savings)
  • Zero VOC emission processes with no EPA reporting requirements are possible
  • Eco-friendly, low-energy lasers can be utilized to create a wide range of print decorations

The SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES metallizing equipment and technology is onshore-ready:

  • The machine footprint can be as small as an injection molding machine
  • Our inline process is available with robotic part handling automation minimizing labor requirements
  • Onshoring the metallizing and deco processes closer to final package filling furthers environmental stewardship
    • Avoids sea transportation which uses the least eco-friendly fossil fuel blends
    • US electrical power generation sources are cleaner than most Asian sources (Renewables/Nuclear & Nat. Gas versus Coal & Oil)
  • The coatings are safe, non-toxic, Prop 65 compliant, and utilize plentiful materials (no rare minerals nor precious metals)

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is a leading global provider of innovative production technologies for the manufacturing of high-tech products. The company’s core competencies include various processes of coating technology (PVD sputtering, PECVD, evaporation), surface treatment as well as wet-chemical and thermal production processes.

Metallized coatings are widely used in various industries, including automotive, electronics, packaging, and more. They provide aesthetic appeal, enhance durability, and offer functional properties like heat resistance, electrical conductivity, and corrosion resistance.

However, traditional metallized coatings often involve the use of non-recyclable materials and harmful substances, posing environmental concerns.

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